Parent feedback and testimonials

Thank you very much for all the parent feedback questionnaires we have received back, they have been very helpful.

We have taken a lot of time looking at them and have had some very good constructive feedback that Monkey Puzzle Warwick will take on board.

Previous parent testimonials:

“Our daughter has been here since the start and although only does a couple of days talks about Nursery all the time. She loves it and is always smiling when I pick her up”

“Our daughter loves monkey puzzle! What more is there to say”

“Our daughter settled in really well and developed amazingly. We are so happy that our daughter has settled in so well and is happy”

“Our son loves every minute he spends at the Nursery and talks about staff at home on a regular basis. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the love and support they give, not just to him but to us as a family”