Monkey Puzzle menus have been devised by a nutritionist and have won awards for healthy eating for under 5s.  The nursery has been awarded the highest award of 5/5 from environmental health at Warwickshire County Council.

Monkey Puzzle Warwick has also been awarded the prestigious Kinder Heart Heartbeat award for “providing healthy food choices and good standards of food hygiene”.

All food is prepared freshly on the premises in our dedicated nursery kitchen by our qualified nursery cook. At Monkey Puzzle Warwick, we pride ourselves that we provide the children with the best food available.

We offer fresh balanced meals to all children at each meal and snack time. A choice of fresh and dried fruit is available at snack times, morning and afternoon. We also cater for  special dietary requirements and individual preferences. Babies are offered the same meal in a puréed form.

Milk and water are offered to the children at every meal and snack time. Fresh chilled water is available to the children at all times and no squash is served.

A choice of non-sugared cereals, milk and wholemeal toast are offered for breakfast.

Mid morning and mid afternoon snacks consist of various fruit  options, including dried apricots and raisins, breadsticks and rice cakes,  dips with a choice of either milk or water to drink.

Lunch is always a balanced hot meal, served with fresh vegetables, cooked on the premises by our cook. Pudding might be apple crumble, freshly baked rice pudding, or homemade pear and apricot muffins.

Unlike many nurseries we offer a proper full High Tea.  This is freshly prepared and might comprise free range scrambled eggs with pitta, jacket potatoes with tuna/ sweetcorn/cheese/ baked beans, homemade soup with freshly crusty bread baked in the kitchen. The children will also be offered a selection of fruit.

No chips, deep fried food or processed food (such as burgers, sausages, ready made pies or ready made pizza) is served.

Copies of our four week menus and recipes may be viewed in the nursery.

Example of one of our lunch menus






Mediterranean vegetables & chicken


Peaches & cream

or fresh fruit

Fish  pie  with vegetables


Fruit trifle

or fresh fruit

Moroccan lamb with couscous


Chocolate & pear sponge with custard

or fresh fruit

Tomato and courgette pasta bake


Butterscotch mousse

or fresh fruit

Chilli con carne and rice


Fruit salad