Nursery Facilities

The Nursery is split into four age ranges:

Babies (3months – 24months)


Nursery cots





Non-mobile babies benefit from a large, bright,  day room, well equipped with a separate dedicated sensory area having the latest equipment to stimulate the babies’ senses and co-ordination during these important formative months. We provide a dedicated sleep room with the room and temperature monitored  constantly to ensure the babies are safe and comfortable.  Each baby has their own allocated cot with their own bedding.  The ratio of three babies to one member of staff is observed rigorously at all times with each child having their own named key worker.

Toddlers (2years – 3years)



The Toddler room also benefits from a number of dedicated areas. The Toddlers have a creative area, a reading corner and a home corner.  There is also an indoor water play activity centre. Daily “circle time” where the children sit together and share their experiences strengthens communication skills and builds positive self esteem.  The Toddler room is designed and fully equipped to encourage the children’s developing independence.  Toddlers also have their own easily accessible, brightly decorated children’s toilets and  benefit from a staffing ratio where one member of staff looks after no more than four children.

Pre-School (3years – 5years)


Pre-School children benefit from a beautiful, bright, well-proportioned room opening directly onto the spacious lawned garden area. This environment nurtures their growing independence, allowing the children freedom to access the secure outdoor area in complete safety.  The spacious facilities enjoyed by the Pre-School include a separate “creative room” for sand and water play and creative artwork. This room has direct access to the grounds for gardening activities.

Pre-School children follow the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ curriculum, preparing them for their eventual progression to school. Gradually and gently, the children begin to settle into routines, learning to play and work collaboratively together in groups.  Each child’s development is observed individually whilst learning through play.  Children benefit from the latest equipment with activities structured around the seven recognised areas of learning:

  • communication and language;
  • physical  development;
  • personal, social and emotional development;
  • literacy;
  • mathematics;
  • understanding  the world; and
  • expressive arts and design.

The Pre-School room is fully equipped with child focused IT systems, designed to familiarise the children with essential IT skills before moving on to school. Pre-School also have their own easily accessible, brightly decorated children’s toilets.

Other rooms

Sensory Room

Children in all age ranges also benefit from use of a dedicated sensory room. This room is designed with specially selected sensory equipment which encourages development of a child’s senses by offering, at the same time, soothing and stimulating environments.  The careful room layout encourages children to discover and explore their senses in complete safety. The resources in this room are refreshed frequently to ensure the children always enjoy a rewarding experience when they visit.

Parents’ Room

A large room dedicated to the needs of parents is an additional facility offered at the Warwick  nursery.  Parents or carers dropping or collecting children at the nursery can use the room to relax, have coffee and catch up with fellow parents.  The room is furnished comfortably and benefits from coffee making facilities, a dedicated cloakroom and access to baby changing facilities.

Garden and outside

P1000015        Trikes

Monkey Puzzle Warwick enjoys a large garden partly covered by an all weather grass surface, with climbing and balancing apparatus to promote co-ordination. Elsewhere, a soft surfaced play area is provided and there is an opportunity to enjoy a more natural environment in the ‘forest school’ The nursery also boasts 2 rabbits providing a ‘pet interest’ to the nursery curriculum

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Monkey Puzzle Warwick is open from 7.30am – 06.30pm.