Curriculum at the nursery


“Babies and children are nurtured and thrive”- Ofsted

All children at every stage in their development at Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries are encouraged to learn through play. Our curriculum covers all the recognised key areas of learning and is designed to meet the needs of all the children. Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries has a dedicated Educational Co-ordinator to help each room leader at each nursery in the group to devise their curriculum plans and records according to the needs of the children attending. Long, medium and short term plans are all displayed in each of the rooms along with details of all our topics which will be covered in the coming months. Older children benefit from supervised outings outside the nursery including trips to Warwick race-course and local attractions within walking distance. More details are here.

We keep detailed records on the development of all children attending Nursery and these are available to be viewed and discussed at any time by parents. We always encourage parents to add details of their child’s experiences and progress from outside nursery to help keep these development records accurate and up to date. Parents’ evenings are held regularly and provide an opportunity for parents to discuss their child’s progress on a formal one to one basis. Of course parents will be in touch with their child’s key worker (or other staff member) on an informal day to day basis for regular discussions about their child’s development.

Once in the Pre-School all children are entitled to a contribution to their fees from the Government. This is part of the Government initiative to provide all 3 and 4 year olds with free nursery sessions.  Please speak to the Manager for further details.

Monkey Puzzle Warwick is open from 07.30am – 06.30pm